Thomas Row (Treasurer)

Having purchased my apartment at 51 Hereford Street, Glebe in November 2014, I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Baird and more recently Merinda White for close to 9 years and for 6 years as Treasurer of Hereford Court Owners Corporation.

Merinda White has proven herself as pro-active and efficient. Her daily dealings with Strata Committee members who are often unacquainted with the legislative structure, the practical aspects of building maintenance and owner liaison, are carried out professionally, reliably and in a timely manner. Merinda is a capable system administrator of our BuildingLink database, through which she monitors and informs newly arrived tenants and owners of their responsibilities under the by-laws.

Inevitably with a building of our size and age, emergencies arise out of hours with Merinda and Michael invariable available to action a response. In short, they are reliable.

Barbara Kearns – Secretary Hereford Court

As Secretary of the Strata Committee for SP 56640, Hereford Court, Glebe, I write in
strong recommendation of the building management company Transparent FM who
have been managing this apartment block of 90 units for the last 4 years.

The transformation that Transparent FM’s management approach has brought to the
smooth running of this building (after several years of highly problematic management
from a range of companies) has been beyond compare.

Director, Michael Baird is dedicated to giving good service and resident satisfaction. His
management style is not office-bound, it is hands-on, pro-active, well-informed problem solving.
Shortly after taking over this building, Transparent FM solved a water penetration
issue that had been troubling the building for years.

Another priority for this company has been seeking ways to save the Owners
Corporation money, from effectively installing all necessary energy saving fittings (which
has considerably reduced our energy consumption) to recommending and overseeing
the transferal of our laundry machines from rental to Strata ownership. This has turned
what was formerly a very unsuccessful arrangement, into an income stream for the OC.

Director Michael Baird, takes great pride in his company. He thrives on addressing
owners’ and residents’ concerns alike, and is a highly responsive point of contact. We
cannot recommend this company too highly.

Executive Committee Member, Hereford Court, Glebe

We chose Transparent FM to manage our block of 90 apartments in Glebe because
they are just as the name suggests: Transparent. No hidden agendas, just
absolutely straight down the line, honest operators, dedicated to getting optimum
results for an OC. Such an ethos is very rare in an industry that tends to see Owners
Corporations as cash cows.

On top of that Director Michael Baird’s experience, dedication and enthusiasm are
beyond compare. He is ‘the best Building Manager in Sydney’ we had heard people
say before we took him on, and we are happy to add our voice to that chorus.

What makes Transparent FM so special? Michael Baird loves his job, and loves to
excel at his job. He does not need to be told anything twice – he is ahead of you in
whatever needs doing. Shortly after taking over this building, Michael solved a water penetration issue for us that had been troubling the building for years.

He is a dedicated and proactive manager who not only plans the building’s
necessary future works, but also looks for ways to save money for the Owners
Corporation through more effective management of the building’s facilities. He also
gets on very well with the residents. He thrives on addressing owners’ and residents’
concerns alike, and is an excellent point of contact for everyone.

BuildingLink, the building management software programme he has introduced, has
made storing documents and keeping track of decisions so much more
transparent too. All works, past or present, can now be monitored by Executive
Committee members at any time. All communication between stakeholders in this
building, from residents to EC members to non-resident owners, has been invested
with new life by this system.

Michael is a fantastic asset to the building. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Treasurer of 51 Hereford St Glebe

I have known Michael for a period of approximately four years, as the Treasurer of the Executive Committee of 51 Hereford St, Glebe.

During this time I have found Michael to be a very hard working professional. His passion for what he does is what separates him from his peers.

Michael has always found the time to discuss any issues or recommendations relating to the building. As an owner I am delighted at the work he has overseen during my time, transforming the building into a quality place of residence.