EC member Glebe Gardens

Transparent FM was contracted to deliver building management services for Glebe Gardens in September 2014.

Glebe Gardens has 103 units – a mix of townhouses and apartments. There is an internal courtyard comprising a 25 metre pool and maintained gardens, as well as an underground car park and a gym. The building construction was completed in 1998.

Michael Baird, Principal of Transparent FM, has diligently undertaken the role of building manager. His commitment to the Owners Corporation to maintain the building in good working order is a principal focus.

Transparent FM’s 24/7 service culture is exemplified in late night call outs and an excellent appreciation of Owners Corporation versus individual owner responsibility.

Michael introduced BuildingLink for the complex which has been a valuable database for storage of documents and a communication tool for corresponding with owners and residents.

Michael considers the communication needs of owners in undertaking complex wide improvements, is responsive to requests and expedites actions very appropriately.

Michael has a very straightforward manner and carries out activities with integrity and honesty. He is extremely autonomous, but appreciates when and what requires others input.

Glebe Gardens values Michael’s satisfaction in others knowing the complex is one for which he is the building manager.

EC member Glebe Gardens