Aleksandar Vurmeski – Strata Manager

Michael is a great building manager who takes a lot of pride in his works and brought Hereford Court up to scratch keeping it in a smooth operating state. We have been most impressed by the standard of professionalism demonstrated in their commitment to providing a great service to their client(s).

Michael organised a purchase by the owners corporation of new washing machines becoming the property of the owners corporation which have almost paid themselves off in a matter of 6 months.

Once paid off the rest of the profits will go to the owners corporation helping the levies reduce and contribute to the maintenance of the property and up keep of the washing machines and dryers.

The replacement was for leased washing machines and dryers where the owners corporation was profiting at a minimal.

Michael has also organised the replacement of BBQ’s to coin operated BBQ’s which will help with the maintenance of the BBQ’S and will definitely improve cash flow.

We are happy to recommend their services to anyone considering appointing TFM as caretaker/building manager.

Aleksandar Vurmeski - Strata Manager