Vicki Burden (Secretary)

I have been dabbling in investment properties (Australia wide) for many years, and without hesitation I can say that TFM are the best. Michael is dedicated to his business as you would expect, but his knack for picking really great employees is a gift. We have had two amazing Building Managers over the last 6 years and could not be happier with their performance. Our current BM even comes to strata meetings on his day off!! He is always well prepared with photographic documentation, to show us & discuss what has been happening in the building.

In general, the day to running of the building is taken care of and we (the committee) don’t have to worry. Specifically, other issues we are dealing with, or have dealt with recently, include………..

  • Proposed sale of the building
  • A fire order
  • Major plumbing issues
  • Refurbishment of carpet, tiles, exterior lighting and paintwork throughout
  • Spalling hazards on the outside of building
  • Installation of a new lift & intercom system

In amongst the above list we changed strata companies 2 years ago, and Adrian has just seamlessly made the transition, dealing with new,  very disorganised strata managers,  in his usual calm, non-judgemental and helpful manner.

When we need advice on issues (such as choosing a new strata managing agent or  lift purchases) we are very comfortable talking with Michael, who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. For someone that I know is very busy, he is so helpful and supportive and very well priced in the market.

In a nutshell, choosing TFM will be the best decision you have ever made regarding Building Management in Sydney.

Morrison Hammond – Secretary The Regent

I have known Michael Baird over a number of years.

Firstly when he was an employee of a company that was Building Manager for Hereford Court, and he was on-site manager. We have a studio in that building.

Then when his company gained the contract for Hereford Court.

Then when his company gained the contract as Building Manager for The Regent, in which I have a studio, and am the Secretary/Treasurer.

His company had the contract for Glebe Gardens when my son and his family resided there.

I have found him to be a “can do” and “will do” person, who executes his responsibilities in a reliable and consistent manner. He employs competent staff.

I have no problem in recommending him and his company as a Building Manager.