Large Complex? No problem.

Large and Small complexes are the mainstay of TFM. We have the right people and the right systems to look after and manage your complex. We aim to be the best in our chosen field and offer a comprehensive service matched by none.

Contractor Management is Paramount

Only the best contractors are offered the opportunity to quote for works in the buildings TFM manage. We never accept gratuity from contractors under any circumstances. There are many many great contractors to choose from so competitive pricing and outstanding workmanship is what is required each and every time a task is allocated to them. Our staff will supervise the job to completion and only sign off when satisfied with the finished job.

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Michael Baird

With over 20 years’ experience in the property Development Real Estate and Facilities Management industries I have gained extensive knowledge in the management of large strata complexes, estates and boutique buildings as well as commercial estates. I have developed our company into a well-respected building management organisation with a dedicated team of professional staff that take pride in their jobs and respect those they interact with.

Keep your building in top condition.

Transparent FM stands ready to be your total facilities managers of choice. We are able to consult to your owners corporation on an hourly, daily weekly or yearly basis. Competitive rates are just the beginning.

Core Building Systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Mechanical Engineering, Fire Control Systems, Building Management Systems as well as Access Control Systems are many and varied. TFM has the experience to manage the very latest and ones that have been around for decades. We constantly train and test our knowledge of these so you won't waste money on unnecessary call outs or the inconvenience of expensive equipment not working the way it was designed to.

Customer Service

Our mission is to make sure your Complex gets better with age, builds a real sense of Community and everything works as it should in the most cost effective manner possible.


TFM is flexible and reactive to any buildings unique needs. Try us you will not be disappointed.                                                   

Sick of poor building management?

Looking to get better value for money?

Transparent FM (TFM) has the solutions for you.

Combining years of experience in property development, building management, facilities management, cleaning and security and now energy efficiency Transparent FM are the right team for your Strata Complex or Community. The entire TFM team has recently completed the NSW Energy efficiency lighting (O E&H ) course and is experienced in the use of the NSW lighting calculator: Calculight which is a government designed calculator for measuring energy efficiency in buildings of all types:- Residential /Commercial  and industrial.  Other courses completed or being undertaken are related to HACV and Cogeneration as well as helping bring together industry experts and our clients together with government assistance to bring to fruition the successful implementation of these initiatives.

We shoot straight, know how to get things done right the first time and at the best prices. We save you money by using our experience, the best technology (, and a passion for serving our clients in a Transparent FM way: Honest, up front and caring. Read More

Smart Buildings

The future is here and this is how Transparent FM will be implementing it! At the cutting edge of a new era we at TFM are pleased to be  involved with the roll out of this exciting new development in facilities management.

Cost effective solutions for the future is where we want to go.  Are you ready to join us………?  Give us a call or drop us a line.  We are here to assist your building as well.

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