TFM (Transparent FM) came into existence with the desire to allow complex stakeholders the ability to see how their buildings and surrounding grounds are managed in a clear no nonsense way.

Using the latest building mangement technology, our highly trained personnel can show owners how to find answers to questions regarding the building and its management from maintenance reports to building surveys the answers are at the tips of their fingers.

TFM has a wealth of experience in the building management arena:- TFM has managed large multi-faceted complexes with both commercial and residential interests.

We foster open management and are proactive in all aspects of sustainability, as well as the efficient management, cleaning (if required) and security (if requested) of your most valuable asset:- your home. 

Staff are the number one asset of TFM, we encourage further study as well as regular meetings so we can evolve through brainstorming ideas and experiences. Standard Operating Procedures are created through a sound knowledge of all workplace health and safety requirements and an intimate knowledge of onsite equipment.

All contractors are inducted into buildings and must follow the instructions of management whilst within the grounds.

Our mission is to make sure your Complex gets better with age, builds a real sense of Community, and everything works as it should in the most cost effective manner possible.

This is our mission.